Life is a Journey!

27th June, Palm Springs, California

Life is a journey, not a destination (googled that to find it came from Emerson). I couldn´t agree more. When I started this journey back at the end of April in Jacksonville Florida, the "destination" was the ESRI International User Conference in San Diego. The goal of the "journey" was to capture rich high quality street level 3d panoramic images across the South, meet potential partners and customers, and get my butt to San Diego before I turn into a pumpkin :) 

So far we´ve achieved:

  • 30 sample city datasets captured and online (click the little blue dots on the map above)
  • 6 more cities to be added in the next week or so
  • great feedback concerning our ESRI GIS integrations
  • and I´ve chronicled my experiences along the way

I´ve been working & driving for Cyclomedia for 9 years now and that´s taken me from the heart of Europe to the heat of the Dubai and the chill of Northen Scandinavia. But this trip really has turned into a "journey" in the sense that Emerson probably meant. I´ve seen so many cool, crazy, amazing things, and met a whole bunch of cool, crazy amazing people that this trip has burned a place into my own life´s Journey.

I´ve got a little over a week before we hit San Diego (check us out at stand 1208 if you´re at the ESRI UC), but here are a few photos from the journey - so far (or check out the story thumbnails above and don´t forget to checkout and "like":

Now don´t get me wrong and think I´ve gone all soft and sentimental -  don´t forget I´m still a big, tough, tattooed Dutch guy ! :)